The usual beginning

I was thinking about starting a blog even before I had applied for Google Summer of Code 2017 . To be honest, I am neither the best writer nor the most expressive person on the planet. So I kept wondering what was I going to write about in my blog. The inner insecure voice keeps saying “Don’t do it, poor girl. Sometimes you don’t have anything to talk about with your friends! Or in fact, you don’t want to talk with them at all. It is not for you.” But as unsociable as I sometimes am, I am also very stubborn and determined. Dangerous combination :smiley:

So here it is - my first blog post. Hurrah :dancer: :dancer: :dancer:

What urged me to share my thoughts and experiences and to make my first move - oops post - was my acceptance in Google Summer of Code 2017. Yeah, I will be part of Google Summer of Code this year working with JBoss/Red Hat community. If you do not know anything about GSoC, working on open source project and being part of such a community - that is definitely your blog. Even if you are familiar with these terms - it can be interesting to read my experience immersing myself into this new challenge and amazing opportunity. But that's another topic and I will write another post specifically about the project I am working on. Now let me continue why I have decided to start writing this blog.

Firstly, I believe that GSoC will be a fantastic experience for me and to share the idea of the initiative, the application process and the 3-month coding will be really helpful to the future applicants and not only.

Secondly, as a student who has studied in two different universities in two different countries, having lots of friends in the tech world, it is a pity that the first time I have heard about GSoC was 5 months ago. So, my aim is by sharing my story to get more students familiar with this project. I truly believe such amazing opportunity can be inspirational and even life changing.

And last but not least, I am still teaching myself how to work "in the open" sharing almost everything publicly. Therefore, this blog seems to me the most natural next step in my teaching process. So, everyone interested in the project can easily update himself about the progress we (we are 2 GSoC students) have had so far.

Do not forget - sharing is caring :innocent:

P.S. I also hope that in the future I can share with you not only GSoC related articles but also my experience with different technologies because this is a duty of every developer out there.

If you are a developer, think about it :nerd_face:

Stay tuned for my next post. Do not overthink, be happy and just keep smiling…